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Workers packaging product in open production area.


CuliFlex™ clients are a diverse group and include:

  • Food entrepreneurs & investors, gourmet cooks, and other aspiring foodies

  • Food scientists, chefs, caterers, restaurants

  • Food processors (bakers, bottlers, packagers, mixers, blenders)

  • Institutional Foodservice (nursing homes, churches, corporations, cafeterias)

  • Pre-schools, K-12 schools, colleges and universities (public or private)

  • Cooking class hosts, farmers market and special event vendors

  • Convention center exhibitors needing convenient short term food storage

Exterior of 2-story CuliFlex building with parking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you open 24 hours?

CuliFlex is available 24/7 with a live Security Camera system and a private parking lot. 

Is your kitchen USDA approved?

CuliFlex is not a USDA approved facility but is regulated by the Orange County Health Department. 

How much are your rates? 

CuliFlex rates vary by the type of storage and kitchen space required.  Because every client is different, we go over rates once we understand our client's production needs. 

What kind of storage do you offer?

CuliFlex has dry storage, both cold storage including refrigeration and freezer storage, and warehouse storage

Where can I get Product Liability Insurance?

CuliFlex requires business insurance and product liability insurance listing CuliFlex as an additional insured prior to renting space.  There are many insurance companies that can provide this type of insurance, however that is the clients responsibility. 

Where can I find the Serve Safe Food Handler online course?

Can you tell me more about the Orange County Health Department process?

Our requirements? 

CuliFlex requires a brief application to be filled out and sent back prior to any scheduled tours (link to application)

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