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From Pilot to Scale... 
Your 1 Stop Shop For Commercial Kitchen Rental,
Food Storage & Preparation Needs

Since 2006, CuliFlex™ has been providing flexible food processing services to culinary entrepreneurs.


Our Commercial Kitchens, Product Development and Test Kitchen capabilities make it easier for food companies to bring their products to market...from that pilot recipe to full scale production.


We accelerate your ‘Farm-to-Fork’ or ‘Kitchen-to-Market’ timeline by enabling entrepreneurs to invest their limited resources in R&D, Food Safety and Sales – not in expensive and underutilized kitchen facilities and food equipment.  


We can offer unique introductions and partnerships if your operation is looking for a specific copacker, recipe innovation or formulation, streamlining process controls, process optimization or just basic standard operating procedures.

We bring Food Things to Life!

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-United States

-Orange County

-Orange, CA

Exterior of 2 story CuliFlex building including parking
Mason Jars


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